Video is rapidly becoming an essential medium for conveying your message – effortlessly informing and persuading your audience with action, emotion and true involvement. Taking them through real world scenarios they can relate to, a thoughtfully crafted video is the next best thing to hands on experience.


The Implant Centre – ‘Eileen’s story’

A hard-hitting emotional story conveying how dental implants can deliver life-changing solutions for people who have put up with years of hell with their teeth.

Image of a pedder property

Pedder Property – ‘Corporate Video’

A warm, upbeat corporate video – developed in collaboration with the highly creative team at Brenton Blue – that dynamically emphasises this South London property company’s focus on people.


The Implant Centre – ‘The Patient Journey’

An informative video that outlines a typical ‘patient journey’ when undergoing dental implant treatment at The Implant Centre. It highlights the completely bespoke nature of the treatment and justifies the costs involved.


The Implant Experts – ‘Corporate video’

The Implant Experts’ spectacular building provides the perfect backdrop to showcase their stunning facilities. As well as introducing the business, this video also follows a patient on a typical first visit to the centre. Patient testimonials help establish credibility.

Cosmedics – ‘Varicose vein treatment video’

A reassuring video following the journey of a patient through both consultation and treatment of varicose veins. Simplicity and professionalism – in an elegant, non-threatening, private environment – is the key message throughout.