Great images speak volumes. Seeing and taking high quality photographs is a core strength of ours, which adds greatly to the effectiveness of the websites and marketing materials we create.

Our photography can come both as an integral element in the marketing/branding process, and as a solus service for marketing projects and portraiture.


The photographer’s eye is never closed. An expression, a rare quality of light, landscapes, colours, action… happenings. Anything likely to engage and interest the viewer. We constantly anticipate, and occasionally get lucky!


For marketing purposes, whatever the business, every picture must contribute something relevant. It might reinforce a message, educate, convey an atmosphere or spirit of the organisation, strengthen a brand identity. The image has to have a clear purpose!


My aim in portraiture is to open a window onto personality. To make the subject approachable, interesting, intriguing and engaging – someone the viewer could imagine liking!