pictures, pictures, pictures

This website is all about showcasing John Tanous’s range of stunning furniture along with the craftsmanship involded in creating it. Great imagery is the most powerfully effective way to convey this… and is, happily, one of our key strengths.

a crafted brand identity

A simple, elegant design incorporating a ‘JT’ icon that suggests an abstract carving, and a contemporary mustard colour hinting at the natural tones of wood. The tagline Hand crafted furniture for life’ conveys the high level of skill involved in creating furniture made so well that it should last a lifetime, whilst also being beautifully functional for everyday living.

videos involve!

Good video engages the viewer with minimal effort on their part. In this case, it’s the perfect vehicle not only to illustrate John Tanous furniture in a real world setting, but also to convey (when images alone cannot) the complete customer service professionalism and ethos of the business.